Rather than focusing on helping everyday Americans, Joe Biden is worried about taking shots at President Donald Trump.

Biden is scrapping Trump’s plan for a paint redesign on Air Force One.

Axios reported:

President Biden ditched former President Trump’s red, white and blue paint design for the next version of Air Force One after a review found the paint scheme could increase costs of construction, AP reports.

Trump wanted to make Air Force One look “more American” by changing the design to a red, white, and blue design.

Yahoo reported:

Trump’s design utilized the colors of the American flag. The top half of the plane would be white, while dark blue would cover the bottom half, including the belly. A bold red stripe would streak from cockpit to tail across the midsection — almost identical to the color scheme on Trump’s personal plane, except that the white and blue were reversed.

The administration did not formally unveil a new design for the replacement aircraft, which are currently at a Boeing plant in San Antonio undergoing extensive modifications to prepare them to carry the president. They currently sport a simple white and blue paint job with U.S. Air Force markings as the work proceeds.

The Biden Administration is pathetic!

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