The current Socialist Pope ‘Red Francis’ shared a message recently promoting his socialist beliefs.  This wasn’t the first time.

Red Francis issued an edict condemning capitalism.

Communist Pope ‘Red Francis’ Issues Radical Edict Condemning Capitalism Using St. Francis as His Prop

Pope Red Francis hated President Trump while ignoring that this same president brought prosperity to the poor and middle class.

DISGRACEFUL! Pope Francis Compares US President Trump to King Herod Who Slaughtered Baby Boys During the Time of Christ

So it comes as no surprise that the Pope claims the capitalist market focuses only on economic profit and the reduction of food.

Red Francis tweeted:

The fight against hunger demands we overcome the cold logic of the market, which is greedily focused on mere economic profit and the reduction of food to a commodity, and strengthening the logic of solidarity. #WorldFoodDay

Wrong. The free market is the reason why so many have been lifted out of poverty and famine is becoming rarer.

— Tom Harris (@tocharris) October 21, 2021

The great economist Milton Friedman wrote that freedom requires capitalism:

On the one hand, “freedom” in economic arrangements is itself a component of freedom broadly understood, so “economic freedom” is an end in itself to a believer in freedom. In the second place, economic freedom is also an indispensable means toward the achievement of political freedom.

Red Francis has obviously never read anything by Milton Friedman.

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