Soros connected Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is now criticizing the current audit ongoing in Maricopa County by focusing on its operations and policies.  Her arguments are weak, especially when comparing them to the operations she oversees.  This is her best and latest effort to sidetrack the audit and it’s a bad joke. 

Arizona has a Soros-connected Secretary of State in Arizona in Katie Hobbs.  She is not in favor of the Maricopa audit which shows her disregard for her role and her state:

MUST READ: Soros and Clinton Connected Arizona Sec. of State, Katie Hobbs, Is Preparing to Fight the Senate Audit of Maricopa County Rather Than Support Election Integrity

Today Ms. Hobbs sent a six-page document to the team auditing the results in Maricopa County and attempted to criticize the audit while including accusations that are just plain not accurate.  Here are some abbreviated comments on her letter:

Hobbs begins with concerns based on disclosed operations in seven points:

1. In her first point she again brings up a tweet by a reporter regarding activities that took place before the audit and the type of colored pen used in the audit.  It was also used in a court case and it’s ridiculous.

2. In the second point Hobbs claims her systems were reviewed by certified auditors of the EAS.  This is likely false since we uncovered that both firms certified by the EAS were not certified when Maricopa County selected them to perform their rubber-stamped audits.  These firms were used for system analysis before the election and were likely not certified then as well.

WE CAUGHT THEM: Arizona’s Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Lied – EAC Updated Website after Gateway Pundit Report Discovered Their Auditors Were Uncertified

3. In her next few comments Hobbs makes assertions with no examples and then lands on the ballots chain of custody as a concern.  Paradoxically, Hobbs never said a thing about the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors loading ballots on a truck and shipping them to God knows where a few weeks ago:

Last Week the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Unilaterally Loaded Ballots onto Trucks and then Stored Them in the Open in a Warehouse Ignoring Proper Safeguarding Controls

This illegal activity was concerning but then again so were the shredded ballots found outside the Maricopa County Tabulation Center a few weeks ago as well.  Hobbs had no concerns with any of this that we are aware of:

After Finding Shredded Ballots in the Dumpster Earlier Today – A Mysterious Fire Breaks Out at Maricopa County Official’s Farm

Finally, Hobbs complained about the auditors potentially hiring unbiased workers.  Without any evidence these observations on policies were worthless.

Next Hobbs attacked the operations themselves in six observations:

Hobbs starts by mentioning Ryan Macias who she sent to look over the audit but she never shares that Macias claimed he was a reporter at first:

Top Election Operative, Ryan Macias, Who Dems Quietly Inserted into the Maricopa Audit, Is Member of Clandestine ‘National Task Force on Election Crisis’

Hobbs complained about the fenced-in ballots in that they were not covered by fencing over the top of the ballots.  But she neglected to note the ballots are under constant 24-hour review by cameras every day and armed guards guarding the facility.

The remainder of Hobbs’s points were noting risks with no examples and therefore non-existant dreams of what was going on.

(below is Hobbs letter to the audit team in AZ)

Hobbs 5521 Letter to Ken Bennett by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Hobbs drafted a sophomoric document in another attempt to stop the audit.  This is the opposite of what a fair-minded person would do who believes the results of the election were accurate.

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