Poor Meghan McCain.
The senator’s daughter whined on “The View” today that women like her and Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are no longer welcome in the Republican Party.

Maybe it’s all the whining, all the time.

Meghan made her argument on “The View,” the daytime bastion of conservatism.

Then she called President Trump the “Cheeto Jesus.”
She’s a uniter.

Republicans are set to remove Liz Cheney from House leadership as she continues to do her best to destroy the party.
It’s long overdue.

She’ll make a good lobbyist.

.@MeghanMcCain: “The message that’s being sent by the highest member of Republicans in Congress is that women like me and Liz Cheney, who refuse to bend the knee to President Trump but still remain loyal Republicans — we don’t have a place in this party.” pic.twitter.com/9U8XqlaYUZ

— The View (@TheView) May 5, 2021

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