For June, Mike Lindell and the over 1,500 people working at MyPillow want to make sure your house is stocked with what you need!

To help, they have made thirteen — yes, thirteen! — buy-one-get-one free specials for you.

Hurry and get yours before the special ends!

To get these deals, use promo code TGP when checking out (Gateway Pundit benefits when you do).

First of the thirteen is MyPillow’s flagship classic and premium MyPillows:

These pillows started the All-American MyPillow movement — click here to get your buy-one-get-one free deal with promo code TGP!

Second of the thirteen are Mike’s “Giza Dream Sheets.”

These gorgeous sheets have helped the sleep of thousands of Americans — use promo code TGP to buy-one-get-one-free:

Click here to get the special deal on wonderful bedsheets!

Third of thirteen is Mike’s “Oh, so cozy” six-piece towel set.

These towels are soft and plush from day one.

People say they’re “soft to the touch” and they’re “towels that work.”

Click here to get the buy-one-get-one free deal on Mike’s six-piece towel set!

To see the rest of the thirteen buy-one-get-one free deals at MyPillow, click here — remember to use promo code TGP to get the deal!

Click here to see all thirteen buy-one-get-one free deals when you use promo code TGP!

You’ve heard great things about MyPillow’s products — have you heard what people say about working there?

On anonymous job sites, here’s what Mike’s employees say about working at MyPillow:

“Fair, kind and solid training. The owner is a incredible man and the products are worth every penny, sleep is so important and these products help with getting a good nite sleep.”

“Busy, Honest, Quality Workplace, Mike Lindell Rocks. MyPillow is a great company. You are expected to work hard. You are treated fairly. As with any company, there are supervisors with various personalities. I found it to be a rewarding company to work for.”

“I love it all ! Pay the employees and management are nice and understanding . . . Friendly staff and management ceo is caring and loves all of his employees.”

Your purchase supports the great business Mike has built!

Support Mike and the wonderful people working at MyPillow by purchasing from them today.

Hurry – we don’t know how long this sale will last.

Use promo code TGP to get your buy-one-get-one free deals today!

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