Stacey Abrams has increased her net worth by over 3,000 times in a couple of years.  How did this happen?

In the age of corruption and stolen elections, Stacey Abrams may have eaten the cake.

The Daily Caller reports that Abrams increased her net worth by millions in the past few years.

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has become a millionaire.

Abrams is worth $3.17 million, according to the state disclosures she filed in March, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. When she first ran for the Georgia governorship in 2018, Abrams was dealing with a “hefty bill from the IRS” and was worth only $109,000, the outlet noted.

The “hefty” tax bill from the IRS was $54,000, with a further $410,000 in liabilities, according to Fox News. She owed $96,000 in student loan debt and $83,000 in credit card debt, AP reported.

The Daily Caller reports that Abrams received $5-6 million in speeches and book deals.  (This is one way Democrats launder money to their politicians.)  The Caller also notes that Abrams has been paid, “paid $700,000 over her three years as executive director of the Southern Economic Advancement Project”.  And,it is unknown how much Abrams has received from related entity Fair Fight Action:

Though Abrams did not disclose any payments from her 501(c)(4) Fair Fight Action, the group raised almost $62 million in dark money donations, according to Newsmax. Ninety-six percent of those donations “came from only 252 unidentified, large-dollar donors,” the outlet reported.

We reported on Abrams’s astronomical growth in income back in June of 2021.  We uncovered the following:

Stacey Abrams, former Georgia State Rep, nonprofit czar, Hillary Clinton darling, and 2020 board member of John Podesta’suber-powerful, “charitable” nonprofit, the Center for American Progress think tank, has been revealed by CD Media as being an owner of ‘NowAccount,’ the firm financing Happy Faces Personnel Group, the temp agency used in Fulton County, Georgia’s elections in November 2020 and January 2021.

We reported extensively on her activities related to the 2020 Election.

EXCLUSIVE: Stacey Abrams Profited from Local Elections in Georgia and Across the Country Making Millions to Run Our Elections

Very few people increase their net-worth 3,000 times over a couple of years.  Often times this type of growth is not legitimate. 

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