Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli appeared on the John Fredricks’s Outside The Beltway show on Thursday, where he addressed the slanderous claims by Dems and the media against the historic Arizona audit and those involved. 

The former Marine doesn’t back down to his weak enemies because he knows he is on the right side of the fight.

Fredricks: Let’s go to Arizona, where we have state senator, Sonny Borelli standing by. Senator, it’s great to have you. I just want to start off by thanking you and your colleagues for the courage that you have in seeing this audit through because I know you’re under a tremendous amount of heat from the fake news media.

Borrelli: Well, thank you very much. Well you know when you’re over the target, you’re going to get flack, So that just means you know we’re dangerous so you know it’s very telling. When they come after you than when you’re, you know, it’s, why are you so afraid of us finding out that you possibly could be correct. That’s the amazing part. It’s just laughable when they’re throwing all these potshots at us and everything else is, it’s crazy but thank you very much and it’s the right thing to do. Like we’ve been saying if, if we prove that the election was good, We accomplished our mission and did our job. If we find out that the election was held done wrong, wrong procedures and everything else that we could, that we might need to fix legislatively. If we find out that this election was a complete sham and and Biden is not the true winner then you know what the American public deserves that because that’s the right in there. Their rights are being undermined and their vote is being suppressed by cheating and or, you know fraudulent phantom voters, so it’s, it seems it comes down to like, are you afraid of what we may find. Or are you afraid of what you know we may find that that’s always the question, so thank you very much.

Seriously, what are these people SO afraid of? 

Why do the Demsocrats refuse to participate?

Who do these people answer to?

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