Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Saturday morning.

Rep. Greene told Steve that Pelosi will not give her added security after she was swatted three nights in a row at her home in Georgia.  Greene added, “They won’t give me security with all of the death threats that I have. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats do not care.  I have to pay for it myself.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is forced to pay for her own additional security.

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Steve Bannon told the War Room crowd, “They want to assassinate her.  They want to take her out.  That’s why they swatted her three nights in a row.”

Via The War Room.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was swatted three times in August. Steve Bannon was swatted earlier this week.

The communist left wants their political opponents dead. That is clear.

BREAKING: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Swatted Again Last Night!

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