Ben Berquam from Real America’s Voice joined Steve Bannon Tuesday morning on The War Room.

Berquam is in Uvalde, Texas. This morning he was broadcasting outside Robbe Elementary School, the scene of the demonic mass murder of children and teachers last week.

During the interview, Steve Bannon asked the questions we still don’t have answers to.

Steve Bannon: Look the timeline doesn’t make any sense. That’s why it’s so important to have Ben there. It’s right down the street and off to the side from where he lived. He shoots the grandmother, sometime after 11. It wasn’t 11:30. Why crash in the ditch. Why does it take 20-25 minutes to get down there. Why does the door just magically get propped open at the very moment? Look, we’re not conspiracy theorists here. We don’t believe in them. But there are no coincidences. how does a door get propped open at the very moment a guy opens fire? How does a school officer drive by after a guy’s up there shooting and think a teacher is the guy? Nothing makes any sense… The other thing is Bor-Tech. The earliest they could have heard of it is 11:33-11:35… Maybe they came by helicopters? How do you get from Del Rio to Uvalde in 26 minutes?…

…For five days we haven’t gotten any word about this kid. How did he get those guns? How’d he get the cash? How’d he buy that kind of ammo? Everybody will tell you, one of the reasons we do Pro-Tech here is they’re using a laser because ammo is too expensive. How does this kid get the cash to buy the ammo? How does he get it that quickly? How does he get the guns that quickly?

The public deserves answers.
How did this happen?

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