Tell us something we don’t know.
Steve Bannon called George Soros “satanic” on Saturday morning’s War Room.

Soros has worked his entire life to control the Democrat Party and destroy the United States.
He has a deep-seated hatred of the West and promotes its collapse.

So ‘yes’ he appears to be satanic.

Steve Bannon: Soros being satanic like he is, he is cunning like a snake. And, hold on, all those people who say this is an anti-Semitic dog whistle, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. He’s rejected his Judaism. He doesn’t believe in the Judeo-Christian West. He doesn’t believe in any of the tenants of that. He’s been very open about that. He’s one of these secularists, globalists who are atheistic. They hate God… He understands to get chaos you have to have unrestricted crime and you have to have these woke DAs in New York City, in Chicago, in Philadelphia, in San Francisco, in LA, in St. Louis… Have society collapse that way… And at the same time rig all the elections. Let me repeat – If Democrats can’t cheat they can’t win.

Steve was ON FIRE this Saturday morning!

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