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Last Thursday the United States Senate confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court, as she became the first black female to earn that honor. A day later Joe Biden and company held a ceremony on the White House lawn in celebration of the historic event.

When it was over, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd weighed in by praising the speech given by the Justice-in-waiting at the event, calling the confirmation vote, “A major victory for the Democratic Party.” But it was what he said next that set the left off. “But what if it’s the last of the calendar year?” he asked, later adding,” “Democratic priorities are, at best, on pause… or at worse, dead.” The Meet the Press host was asking a legitimate question about the prospects for any major legislation getting passed prior to the November midterms, where Dems are expected to face a reckoning.

While there were many outraged reactions to choose from on Twitter, where Chuck Todd was trending for what he had said, one, in particular, caught my eye. It was posted by Joan Walsh of The Nation, a former cable news talking head.

“WTF” she asked, while claiming that she had tried really hard not to join “the pile-on” against Chuck Todd.

I really try not to join the pile-on with Chuck Todd but WTF??? “This might be the last victory for this White House.”

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) April 8, 2022

And I responded to Joan Walsh’s “WTF” with a series of my own tweets:

#1-Imagine if .@chucktodd said that #KentanjiBrownJackson could have been the 2nd black female on #SCOTUS had #JoeBiden not threatened to filibuster #JaniceRogersBrown, or that he led what #ClarenceThomas called his “high tech lynching”.

— Steve Malzberg’s Own (@SteveMTalk) April 9, 2022

#2-Imagine if .@chucktodd had reminded viewers that #JoeBiden called #BarackObama the “first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean..” running for president back in 2007.

— Steve Malzberg’s Own (@SteveMTalk) April 9, 2022

#3– Imagine if .@chucktodd had reminded viewers that #JoeBiden attributed poorer education outcomes in D.C. compared to Iowa on the demographics- heavy minority population of students in DC, back min 2007.

— Steve Malzberg’s Own (@SteveMTalk) April 9, 2022

#4-Imagine if @chucktodd had told his viewers about #JoeBiden’s remarks on “Indian-Americans” and Seven-Elevens.

#5–Imagine if .@chucktodd had reminded viewers of the fact that candidate @KamalaHarris all but called #JoeBiden a racist at a presidential debate.

— Steve Malzberg’s Own (@SteveMTalk) April 9, 2022

There was also a sixth tweet in response to Joan Walsh, you can see it here:

#6–Both you and I know that along with #HunterBiden everything I mentioned in my first 5 tweets of this thread were hidden by the media in 2020, along with .@JoeBiden ‘s history of lying about himself and plagiarizing. So stop the sanctimonious “WTF” nonsense, over NOTHING!

— Steve Malzberg’s Own (@SteveMTalk) April 9, 2022

Chuck Todd and the rest of the “disinformation media”, (and it is important not to call them fake news anymore, but properly tag THEM with DISINFORMATION, which as the left will tell you every single day, is a threat to our democracy) have never put Biden’s Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination in perspective. To do so would be to reveal Biden’s long history of racist comments and actions.

Joan Walsh’s media buddies, including Chuck Todd, hid it all during the 2020 election campaign. They also hid Biden’s trouble with the truth, and his history of plagiarism, not to mention the Hunter Biden story.

So my message to Ms. Walsh is stop the sanctimonious “WTF” nonsense.

It just shows the intolerance of the left, and their attempts at silencing anyone, even on their own side, who might, in their view, step the slightest bit out of line.

Steve Malzberg is a talk show host and can be followed on twitter, Instagram and FB @stevemtalk

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