With no legal right to do so, the radical and corrupt Dems in the US House have decided to release President Trump’s tax returns to the public.  

The Democrats have fought to obtain and release President Trump’s taxes for years.  It is none of their business what President Trump pays in taxes or the income that he reports.  They don’t care.  They clearly have already seen the President’s taxes or they wouldn’t want to release them.  Again, these criminals in the US House have no legal reason to obtain and release President Trump’s taxes.

Bloomberg appeared gleeful with the action by the corrupt Democrats:

A House committee voted to release Donald Trump’s tax information to the public in the coming days, capping a three-year legal saga initiated by Democrats to obtain and release the former president’s closely held financial documents.

Tuesday’s action by the Ways and Means Committee — over the objections of the panel’s Republicans — comes in the waning days of the House Democratic majority…

In April of 2019, the Democrats were after President Trump’s taxes.  Twice the Treasury Department was forced to decline their baseless and corrupt requests.

BREAKING: Treasury Department Denies Dem Trump Taxes Demand For Second Time

A short time later, in May 2019, the corrupt Democrats released President Trump’s prior taxes.  Americans were livid with the actions of the corrupt Democrats.

AMERICANS LIVID As Far Left Democrats, Deep State and Liberal Media Continue Their Illegal Assault on President Trump and Release His Old Taxes

Less than a month ago, the Supreme Court relented and allowed the corrupt Democrats running the US House to obtain President Trump’s taxes.

The purpose for requesting the returns this time was so the Democrats in the House could perform an audit on how the IRS audits a President’s tax returns.  It’s not been reported that the Clintons or the Obamas’ returns have been requested or any other President’s taxes for that matter.

President Trump is right.  This is another outrage and abuse of power by the Democrats in the House.

So after obtaining President Trump’s taxes the corrupt Democrats now want to release them.

The US has no laws for the communists who have taken over the country.  The rest of America, including President Trump, has to obey their rules or face the consequences no matter how innocent you are or how criminal their actions are. 

God save this country. 


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