What has happened to the rule of law in this country?

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that mail-in ballots with missing dates can be counted in the state.  This insane ruling will affect future elections significantly.  Next, they’ll rule that signatures and names aren’t necessary.

Pennsylvania is already one state with the largest amount of voter fraud per the 2020 Election.  We saw President Trump’s lead of around 700,000 votes disappear days after the election as the corrupt election officials in the state prevented poll watchers from observing events for days until enough ballots were manufactured to give Biden the lead in the state.

Now the state can disregard any date on a ballot which is required by state law.

The Hill reports:

The Supreme Court on Thursday cleared the way for election officials in Pennsylvania to count mail-in ballots whose envelopes are missing a handwritten date, as required by state law.

The disputed ballots relate to a contested 2021 judicial election, but the broader legal fight over mailed ballot requirements could have implications for future elections in the state, including the upcoming midterms.

The court’s brief order Thursday did not provide a rationale, but the court’s three most conservative members wrote in dissent…

…The Thursday order effectively reinstated the 3rd Circuit decision, over a dissent by Alito, joined by Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

“When a mail-in ballot is not counted because it was not filled out correctly, the voter is not denied the right to vote,” Alito wrote. “Rather, that individual’s vote is not counted because he or she did not follow the rules for casting a ballot. Casting a vote, whether by following the directions for using a voting machine or completing a paper ballot, requires compliance with certain rules.”

There is no mention why the other “conservative” justices voted for the ruling.  Likely, because it doesn’t make sense.

We reported previously how Hillary’s creepy attorney Marc Elias was pushing this move in this state, arguing that the law should not be adhered to.  He celebrated the decision yesterday.

BREAKING: US Supreme Court DENIES Republican motion to block counting of undated mail-in ballots in a Pennsylvania election. A major victory that upholds an broad interpretation of the Civil Rights Act.

Three Justices (Alito, Gorsuch, Thomas) dissent.https://t.co/djn5PbWaRZ

— Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) June 9, 2022

Elias who was behind nearly every major 2020 lawsuit to change the way elections run without the legislature’s approval, was sanctioned in Texas for his actions there.

Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Behind the Steele Dossier and Nearly Every Major 2020 Election Lawsuit, Is Sanctioned by Texas Federal Appeals Judges

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