The Taliban held a victory parade on Thursday. The victory parade was broadcast on national Afghanistan TV.

The Taliban terrorists paraded suicide bombers, car bombs, explosive vests, and abandoned US military equipment.

This is National TV of Afghanistan, broadcasting parades of Taliban’s Suicide attackers, Car bombs, barrel bombs, vest explosives.

— Tajuden Soroush (@TajudenSoroush) September 2, 2021

A Blackhawk helicopter left behind by the woke US Generals flew over the skies of Herat with an Islamic flag draped on its side.

Black Hawk over Kandahar with white flag.

— Tajuden Soroush (@TajudenSoroush) September 1, 2021

Video reports to shows a #Taliban operated captured US Black Hawk helicopter flying over Herat. #Afghanistan

— Exposed Media (@exposed) August 28, 2021

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