The Taliban has taken 20 children hostage in Afghanistan. The terror group is threatening their fathers to surrender or they will slaughter their children.

Breaking: The Taliban have attacked district of Andarab again to seek revenge. A local told me: “the war is going on in earnest, that People Resistance group now have the strategic points, but the Taliban had taken their children and women hostage and demand fathers to surrender”

— Natiq Malikzada (@natiqmalikzada) August 22, 2021

The Taliban have taken dozens of children hostage in a revenge operation in Andarab.
There is a fierce battle in the Kushanabad area.
The lives of thousands of women and children are in danger. People are leaving their homes.2/1

— Farhan (@darya_farhan) August 22, 2021

These are Joe Biden’s peace partners.

Republic TV, an Indian broadcasting station is reporting via live stream video that the Taliban has taken 20 children hostage.

The fathers of the children are Members of the Northern Alliance which is the last remaining Afghani resistance stronghold courageously fighting the Taliban.

This is taking place in Panjshir Province whose topography provides a strong natural defensive position against the encroaching terrorists.

The Taliban has given the fathers 4 hours to surrender or the children will be killed.per Republic TV.

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