A 24-year-old Tennessee man became the seventh American killed fighting in Ukraine on the frontlines in their war with Russia.

The Tennessee man enrolled in the Ukrainian armed forces five weeks ago.

Russian officials posted his photo and passport online after he was killed. Governor Oleg Kozhemyako published the documents of US mercenary

The Daily Mail reported:

A 24-year-old man from Tennessee, who went to the frontlines to fight with the Ukrainian army, was killed by Russian forces this week, officials said.

The soldier’s name has been released by the Russian media, but his name was not released by the US government out of respect for the family, a State Department spokesperson said on Friday, Newsweek reported.

The State Department spokesperson did confirm the young man’s death.

Oleg Kozhemyako, governor of Russia’s far eastern Primorsky Krai region, made the announcement. He revealed the soldier’s name and said that volunteers from the Primorsky ‘Tiger’ Detachment were responsible, the news outlet reported.

‘An American mercenary has been destroyed in Ukraine. And this is in the first clash literally immediately after arriving at the front line!’ Kozhemyako wrote in a telegram, a report said.

The man was part of a group of trained foreign mercenaries and was killed by Russian volunteers from the Primorsky ‘Tiger’ Detachment unit.

Kozhemyako said when the mercenaries approached the ‘Tiger’ volunteers they ‘did not flinch and repulsed the attack, a report said.

The governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako visited members of the volunteer Tigr battalion deployed to Ukraine alongside the Pacific Fleet’s 155th Naval Infantry Brigade (and T-80BV tanks and 2S5 Giatsint-S).https://t.co/gkT5yBfLKD pic.twitter.com/gwPNMkdC4O

— Rob Lee (@RALee85) August 26, 2022

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