Western leaders from the US and Canada to Germany, the UK and Czech Republic are determined to sacrifice their people at the alter of globalism and the War in Ukraine.

In July, Czech households paid the highest price in Europe for electricity; and yet, something many Czechs see only as a cruel joke, the country remains among the largest exporters of electricity in the world.

Czech leaders continue to export electricity as their own citizens fall further into debt.

According to Prague Morning,

People living in Prague pay the highest price for electricity in all of Europe, according to the purchasing power parity of the currency. This index includes member states and countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland, Norway, and Russia.

According to the study, the people of Prague paid roughly 52 euro cents per kilowatt-hour in July. That is roughly twice as much as what residents of Bratislava pay and approximately three times more compared to the costs of residents of Budapest or Moscow.

Prague’s residents also pay almost four times more than households in the Swiss capital of Bern and over four times as much as households in Oslo, Norway.

The Czechs have the highest electricity prices in Europe today.
Via Prague Morning.

On Saturday tens of thousands of Czech citizens converged on Prague to protest the skyrocketing energy costs.

Massive protest in Prague,Czech Republic against Nato & EU policy!!! pic.twitter.com/2fQ6LOOwyy

— The International Magazine (@TheIntlMagz) September 3, 2022

In response to the demonstrators the Prime Minister called the protesters pro-Russian extremists.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala has commented on the demonstrations in Prague on Saturday, stating that “the protest on Wenceslas Square was called by forces that are pro-Russian, are close to extreme positions and are against the interests of the Czech Republic,” — BBC. pic.twitter.com/dSF8A85umO

— FLASH (@Flash43191300) September 4, 2022

Massive protest against NATO, the EU and soaring energy prices in Prague, Czech Republic today. pic.twitter.com/X0m336c2td

— Sarah Abdallah (@sahouraxo) September 3, 2022

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