Rep. Chip Roy went OFF on his Republican and Democrat colleagues after the House Armed Services Committee voted to approve an amendment to a defense policy bill that would make women eligible for the Selective Service System (a.k.a. the draft).

The measure – that was originally introduced by Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) – passed through the committee after a late-night vote on Thursday.

Multiple republicans broke ranks and sided with the left to ensure it passed.

Roy, who represents Texas’ 21st congressional district, unleashed an explosive 9-part twitter thread where he lambasted the lawmakers on both sides. He began by explaining that he doesn’t trust them to “do anything at all,” especially when it comes to promises they make about his daughter and others being drafted to “non combat” roles.

Message to Republicans & Democrats – including @HouseGOP & @SenateGOP colleagues. I do not trust you to do anything at all, much less say you will draft my daughter to “non combat” roles. Why don’t I trust you? Let’s see – THREAD: (1/9) #DontDraftOurDaughters

— Chip Roy (@chiproytx) September 2, 2021

Step by step, he masterfully walks through the corruption in the swamp and explains why they should not be trusted – from the debt, to the china virus, all the way to their debacles with US energy – He did not hold back at all.

In essence, the uni-party has no credibility and their agenda is un-American. These people don’t care about the Americans who elected them or the constitution.

Maybe it’s because you (both R&D) have amassed $30 trillion in debt and are blowing through trillions more… all while giving lip service to “balanced budgets” for decades… (2/9)

“Maybe it’s because you (both R & D) have talked about securing our border while Texans suffer—our ranches, our schools, our hospitals—Fentanyl pouring into our communities… murders, rapes… dead migrants on ranches… all in the false name of compassion

Maybe it’s because you (both R&D) politicized a virus… giving us wildly varying propaganda about it’s origins, the nature of it’s communicability, the efficacy of your mandated measures in response including vaccines, and ignoring of treatments… (4/9)

Maybe it’s because you (both R&D) have destroyed our healthcare system and made it impossible to get the doctor of our choice at a remotely affordable price all in the false name of “coverage.” (5/9)

Maybe it’s because both R&D have had us at war for 20 years… without any actual new AUMF or consistent guidance from our political leaders about victory… all while our troops sacrificed, and we set the stage for a gutless President to surrender and empower our enemies… (6/9)

Maybe its because you’ve funded education bureaucrat after education bureaucrat to teach our kids that American is evil and racist, to take God out of our schools, and otherwise make it impossible for parents to safely turn their children over to the schools… (7/9)

Maybe it’s because you’ve (both R&D) caused America, despite sitting on a vast reserve of energy supply, to render us less secure economically and less secure against our enemies to appease institutional investors and the Acela corridor cocktail circuit. (8/9)

He caps off the brilliant firestorm by telling the Deep State uni-party in DC to “go straight to hell.”


Now you – including likely 28 GOP House members voting for an NDAA last night to do so – want to draft my daughter and just “trust you” not to put them into combat? All of DC – all of it – can go straight to hell. (9/9) #DontDraftOurDaughters

— Chip Roy (@chiproytx) September 2, 2021

This isn’t the first time Congressman Roy has fired off at the corrupt democrats for their hypocrisy and vile policies. He has consistently voiced his opposition and recently shared a few choice words with them on Capitol Hill.

Republican Rep. Chip Roy Goes Off On House Dems For Requiring Masks While Ignoring Border Crisis (VIDEO)

This seems to be the first example where he has vigorously called out lawmakers on both sides for their corruption.

Hopefully he starts a trend. Americans should be put first.

It’s about time some of our elected officials stood up to the Uni-party Swamp.

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