Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott is calling for universal school choice through the use of education savings accounts, or ESAs.

Democrats oppose school choice because their party is in bed with the teacher unions.

Teacher unions don’t want public schools to have any competition, which is just what is needed to make schools better. When government has a monopoly on education, schools have no incentive to improve.

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Gov. Abbott heats up school voucher debate, calling for ESAs ‘for every child’ in Texas

Gov. Greg Abbott said “every child in the state of Texas” needs access to a voucher-like program that gives parents public dollars to spend on private school tuition or other educational expenses.

Speaking at Annapolis Christian Academy in Corpus Christi on Tuesday night, Abbott said education savings accounts are what Texas needs to give families options. His remarks come as lawmakers push voucher-like bills this legislative session.

“When a school does fall short of excellence, when it strays too far from the fundamentals or simply cannot meet the unique needs of a particular child, parents should not be helpless,” he said. “They should be able to choose the education option that is best for their child.”

The state has already piloted a form of such savings accounts through microgrants made available to select students with disabilities in 2020.

“It’s been so successful,” Abbott said of the program. The state awarded $1,500 grants to more than 65,000 students, according to the Texas Education Agency. “But that program shouldn’t be limited.”

Watch the videos below:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott calls for UNIVERSAL SCHOOL CHOICE: “Parents should be able to choose the education option that is best for their child. The way to do that is with ESAs. Education savings accounts.”

— Corey A. DeAngelis, school choice evangelist (@DeAngelisCorey) February 1, 2023

Governor Abbott: “That program shouldn’t be limited. That program should be available to everybody in Texas. Now is the time to expand ESAs to every child in the state of Texas.”

— Corey A. DeAngelis, school choice evangelist (@DeAngelisCorey) February 1, 2023

One of the good things that came out of the pandemic, was the increased scrutiny from parents on public schools.

People who are unable to home school should be able to choose where to send their children.

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