TGP reporter Jordan Conradson was on with Liz Harris in Phoenix to discuss what he saw inside the building where the Maricopa County audit is being performed.

Jordan had an excellent discussion with Liz Harris, one of the many individuals in Arizona who demanded a forensic audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County.  Patriots like Liz may save this country.  They discussed many things but their discussion of the individuals in the Coliseum involved in the audit was very informative.

They then discussed his observations from inside the Coliseum:

TGP EXCLUSIVE: What I Witnessed on the Arizona Auditing Floor – The Ballots Are Scanned, Tested and Documented – The Process is Well Organized and VERY Secure

The interesting piece was when Jordan shared about the people who were in the pink shirts.  These individuals were there at the behest of Arizona Democrat and Soros connected Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs.  Jordan shared at the 15:00 mark and here is how he described it in the post above:

Two observers caught my eye because they were in pink shirts, unlike the rest of us. I asked one of them why that was and he said, “I’m from the Secretary of State’s office.” He declined to talk to me further. Every other time I saw him, he was whispering to his comrade, who was also in a pink shirt. Katie Hobbs has repeatedly called this audit a farce and “The Big Lie”, but her two minions surely see that this audit is in fact not a lie.

Jordan then at the 16:50 mark shared about the auditing miracle happening in Maricopa County:

2.1 million ballots and they’re going to get counted and they’re going to get done fast and they’re going to get counted.  That’s a miracle…We’re actually going to have election integrity.

Maricopa audit keeps rolling forward.

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