You can thank a leftist for this ghoulish entertainment.
Male MMA fighter Piotr Lisowski beat the snot out of female MMA fighter Ula Siekacz in a grudge match in Poland.

The fight lasted less than two rounds before the ref called it.
Girl power.

The Blaze reported:

Many fans were disgusted after a horrific inter-gender MMA show in Poland made headlines.

What are the details?
Video footage showed the brutal beatdown female fighter Ula Siekacz received at the hands of male fighter Piotr Lisowski — identified by the sun as Piotrek Muaboy — on Friday night.

According to a Monday report from the Sun, the referee was forced to stop the match after Muaboy pinned a defenseless Siekacz and began pummeling her with punches.

The fight, which took place at a hotel in the Polish city of Czestochowa, saw Muaboy take home a brutal TKO victory.

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— Matysek (@Matysek88) October 29, 2021

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