President Trump’s attorney Jim Trusty was on with Martha McCullom on FOX News to discuss the DOJ’s illegal raid of President Trump’s home, the iconic Mar-a-Lago. 

Attorney Trusty had many good things to say in describing the DOJ’s actions against President Trump.  Trusty calls the DOJ political but most Americans know it is just plain corrupt and criminal under Merrick Garland and the Biden Administration.

Trusty shared about the comparison between the records President Trump kept legally locked up and secured with Secret Service all around and Hillary Clinton’s email mess where she destroyed information and devices under subpoena and was never held accountable for it:

There’s a striking difference between the two situations.  Hillary Clinton had no protection under the Presidential Records Act.  That had nothing to do with her at all in terms of how you classify these documents as only Presidential or personal. a classification doesn’t matter.

She had a personal server.  That is a tremendously more insecure way of having access to documents, than some papers under lock and key in the basement of a place where secret service is on guard as well.

Trusty then mentions that Jim Comey couldn’t charge Hillary even thought documents and devices were destroyed by Hillary.

We think the chronology of cooperation by President Trump and his lawyers at the time is devastating to this idea of some sort of willful violation of law…What’s interesting in the affidavit, that oil slick of an affidavit we received in terms of all the redactions, it leaves out June 3rd.  It leaves out a day when DOJ was allowed to walk around Mar-a-Lago, look at the storage facility and assess things…

Watch this excellent interview below.


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