On Wednesday, unprepared leftist reporter Jen Fifield got WRECKED by former GA State Representative Vernon Jones during his presser.

BRUTAL! Vernon Jones DESTROYS Leftist AZ Reporter On Ridiculous Question: “NEXT QUESTION” (VIDEO)

Afterward, she stupidly went after OAN’s Christina Bobb for not defending her. What?

Fifield: At what point is it appropriate for you to say something?

Bobb: When are you going to say something to Buzzfeed, CNN, WAPO, Daily Beast? This happens to me every f*cking day so the fact that you’re upset about it? I really don’t care.

That is SO embarrassing.

Christina Bobb destroyed her when she complained about something Christina goes through on a daily basis. 

Jenn Fifield is just such a weak journalist. She must have requested a new story because she is not here today.



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