Steve Bannon went off on Mika and Joe, the two-morning hosts who have pushed the corrupt Democrats and Globalists and are now suddenly shocked that the economy is in tatters.  These people don’t care about the American people, they care about power.

Steve Bannon this morning went off on the elites and globalists.  American moms don’t have a formula for their babies and the globalists are sending billions to Ukraine.  US politicians are so out of touch that they have no care or concerns for American families while they bail out Ukrainian billionaires.

Bannon shared:

The government got us into this problem.  You supported the elites.  You pumped up the Balance Sheet of the Federal Reserve.  Don’t you understand?  Where’s Alabamy Joe?  Didn’t he explain anything to you about the economy?  The people that you’re the running dog for, and your show’s the running dog for.  All you big talkers on Morning Joe and MSNBC and the New York Times, you brought us here.  You brought us in this path of destruction that’s going to wipe out a generation of wealth.

And any person under 40-years-old that votes for these people, you deserve what you get.  If you want more of it.  If you want to nothing but a Russian serf.  If you don’t want to own anything, you just want to be on the treadmill and now your credit is going to explode so you can barely meet ends meat.  You’re not going to own anything.  But unlike what the World Economic Forum says, you ain’t gonna be happy about it.

Watch the entire rant below.

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