The homeless problem in Venice Beach in California is out of control.

A video was released just in time for the 4th of July. The video shows a homeless man beaten while sitting on the ground on the sidewalk.

FOX News reports on the destruction of the once-great state showing the consequences of liberal politics:

On any given day, video footage documenting violent incidents in the famed Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles – involving the homeless who have erected tents there – are uploaded online.

A video posted online Friday appears to show a homeless man being attacked by an unidentified man and woman as he sits on the ground near the boardwalk – while other people walk past without intervening.

Concerns from neighborhood residents, business owners and law enforcement have grown in the months since tent encampments on the beach expanded and quality-of-life issues continue to plague the area.

Last week, a homeless man was found dead inside a tent along the beach boardwalk – known as Ocean Front Walk – and another man, also homeless, was arrested in connection with the slaying.

The citizens of the surrounding area are disgusted with the filth and safety concerns for all in the area.

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