[FROM LARRY JOHNSON — I am posting this for a friend, David L. He prefers to keep his identity a secret. However, he has something important and useful to share about Matt Taibbi.]

I first became acquainted with Matt Taibbi when he came to Moscow in the late 1990s and was co-editor of a newspaper called The eXile, along with another American, Mark Ames.

The eXile’s motto was “We $#it on everybody equally.”

Ames and Taibbi wrote all manner of expose articles on the corruption of the Boris Eltzin administration, the World Bank, the IMF, and USAID. One of their favorite targets was that pompous moron, Michael McFaul, then a World Bank “consultant” who later became U.S. Ambassador under O’Bongo.  Arguably our worst-ever ambassador, the Russian Foreign Ministry basically ignored him, and then threw USAID and many US backed NGO’s out of the country for good.  But Ames and Taibbi also investigated many, many Russian Government officials and exposed their corrupt dealings. They also regularly published columns by Eduard Limonov, a Russian dissident and head of the banned “National Bolshevik Party.”

As Matt’s co-editor Ames once wrote, “we’d be sued out of existence within a few weeks of appearing in any Western democracy, but here in Russia, in the so-called kleptocracy, the power elite has been too busy stealing and killing to give a f**k about us, allowing us to fly around the capital beneath their radar, like a cruise missile. A real democracy would never let us get off the ground.”

Flash forward 20+ years, and after a stint at The Rolling Stone, suddenly over the past few months, Taibbi became a household name here in the USA, culminating with his being the front guy for the release of all that material proving how various U.S. “intel” agencies conspired with Twitter and other social media platforms to censor the news, manipulate public opinion and possibly to influence the outcome of elections, Oh My!

Here is Matt Taibbi’s congressional testimony.

And look what has happened to “poor” Matt over the last 6 months or so, a real dyed-in-the-wool Liberal Democrat.

In March, the Democrats in Congress skinned him alive at the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponizationof the Federal Government hearings, and now the IRS is on his case.  His life and reputation is being utterly ruined.

Democrats Threaten Matt Taibbi With Jail Time Over Twitter Files Testimony (reason.com)
IRS opened probe into Matt Taibbi’s taxes after Twitter dump (nypost.com)
https://www.racket.news/p/my-crazy-irs-case    by Matt Taibbi

<<The records also show that Mr. Taibbi was able to resolve the tax issue quickly, did not owe the IRS anything and in fact was due a “substantial refund,” Mr. Jordan said Wednesday in a new letter demanding answers from the bureau.>>

                   See May 24, 2023 letter from Judiciary Committee below

So the irony is – none of anything like this happened to Matt Taibbi in Moscow.  Taibbi was never arrested, detained, poisoned, run off the road by a truck into a bridge abutment, etc.  by those “despots in Russia.”  It all happened/is happening right here in the good ole USA, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, First Amendment, Freedom of the Press, etc. and is being orchestrated – ironically enough – by Libtard left-wing Democrats!

Meanwhile, what about Gonazalo Lira?  He was arrested by goons from the the Ukro-Nazi SBU (Service for “Security” of Ukraine) three weeks ago in the country to which billions and billions of your tax dollars are being sent “to support Democracy.”

It’s Memorial Day weekend.  Do you think this is what so many fought and died for to be happening in the USA or funded with your tax dollars and mine?

Yes, indeed.  Think about it.

Letter from SFC Republicans to TIGTA (senate.gov)  (May 4, 2023)


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