In an interview with Pete Santilli, Gateway Pundit Founder & Editor Jim Hoft broke down why “the next two or three weeks are gonna be critical” to save America.

In the interview, Jim and Pete discuss:

— Arizona’s current forensic audit.
— Cyber Ninjas report of finding deleted files from the November 3, 2020 election, and them being able to restore them.
— Democrat operative Ryan Macias only person to infiltrate audit floor.
— FBI narrative of January 6, 2021 “Insurrection” falling apart — “Everything they told us was an absolute lie”
— Possible Forensic audits for Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and New Hampshire upcoming.
— New Hampshire citizens standing up against corruption in Windham.
— Marc Elias an Attorney with Perkins Coie and his role in trying to stop audits across the country.

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