The DOJ’s Southern District of New York (SDNY) overstepped its boundaries many times lately but its actions against the ‘We Build the Wall’ team will prove whether they are upholding the law or are just indicting as a way to attack those they don’t fundamentally agree with.

Per yesterday:

An attorney for We Build the Wall Inc. told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that his client was effectively broke, as the company sought to undo a district court order blocking it from accessing $1.4 million in funds while its leaders were under federal indictment.

Attorney Justin Weddle, who represents We Build the Wall and its general counsel Kris Kobach, told a three-judge panel of the Manhattan-based appeals court that the group had “expended none of its money” since last August, when leaders, including founder Brian Kolfage, were charged with conspiring to defraud investors into a private effort to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The SDNY prevented the We Build the Wall group from accessing their funds when they indicted the leaders of the group last summer.  The attornies from the law firms are asking the SDNY to release $1.4 million in funds.  The reason for this amount being released is that these funds came into the project after the group announced that Brian Kolfage was becoming a full-time employee.

After Kolfage became an employee, $1.4 million in funds were received.  The SDNY claims the group took money from donations to pay themselves and never told those giving to the effort that they were doing this.  But this clearly is not the case after Kolfage became an employee.

Therefore, there was no alleged crime related to this $1.4 million in donations.  The donors had no problem seeing Brian get paid for his efforts.  The money is needed now to pay off vendors and keep the lights on.

If the SDNY does not release the $1.4 million in donations to the group we will all know that the real purpose of the crooked SDNY is to run the We Build the Wall project into the ground.

Please remember Brian Kolfage in your prayers today as he has to appear in front of the court in Pensacola, Florida at 2 pm Central in regards to a new indictment related to his tax reporting:

Please Support American Patriot and War Hero BRIAN KOLFAGE Who Faces BS IRS Charges on Wednesday (Details Below)

If you live in the area, please support Brian and his family in court today!

If you are unable to attend, please help support Brian with his legal fees at his website

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