The DOJ’s Southern District of New York (SNDY) put together another Deep State Hit Job last year.  They indicted Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage, and a couple of others who were involved in building a wall along the Southern Border.  Since then the DOJ has delayed the case multiple times. 

Kolfage is right, the SDNY needs to be fully investigated.  Why are they delaying their case?  Do they not have anything to support their claims?  Why are they still trying to figure out a way to prosecute Bannon after he has been pardoned?  What did they do with the list of names of donors that they picked up at Kolfage’s house?  Did they give this list to the US Post Office to spy on?

We know that it was the US Postal Service who sent their inspectors to Kolfage’s house to arrest him in the most humiliating way:

“They Forced This United States’ Veteran to Crawl” And They All Stood By and Watched Him Crawl with No Legs and One Arm!

Recently the Postal Service was caught spying on Americans.  Ironically the Postal Service included the We Build the Wall list in their arrest warrant of Kolfage in 2020:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: More on the Postal Service Spying on Americans – The USPIS Included “Lists of Donors and/or Potential Donors’ In Warrants to Arrest ‘We Build The Wall’ Leaders

Yesterday Kolfage shared on Instagram the following:

I want to point out that the DOJ PROSECUTION at SDNY – Southern District Of NY are a bunch of criminals who have attempted to make our donors of @webuildthewall turn on us by not allowing Foreman Mike and We Build The Wall fulfill its orders. There was thousands of orders to place these custom bricks at the foot of our wall. The SDNY took the funds from your orders and work was forced to stop since contractors couldn’t be paid to do the job. You can see we were right in the process of laying the bricks in August when these crooks launched their politically motivated attacks on Steve Bannon, myself and our vendors. I want to personally inform all the people who purchased items that if you didn’t get a brick placed or a chunk of steel it’s because the SDNY stole your money from a vendor and we couldn’t finish the job. It’s been 9 months now and these scumbags have yet to move an inch or provide anything to back their bullshit claims. They are trying to not honor @realdonaldtrump pardon of Bannon, and since they are about to lose him they now went after @therudygiuliani. The SDNY needs to be fully investigated for abuse of our judicial system. They have weaponized it for political purposes. They are the biggest crooks on this planet and protect their own like Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton. #sdny #trump #trump2024

What a mess our (in)Justice system is.  Unfortunately, it is only getting worse.

You can help support Brian with his legal fees at his website

Update: Kolfage contacted us and wanted us to add that he is looking for a bricklayer to help lay the bricks at the Southern border near El Paso.  He is willing to pay for this out of his own pocket but just wants to see the job accomplished.

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