Attorney-General Garland spoke last Friday and only spent 50 seconds on election fraud – the biggest issue in the States and related to the biggest steal in US history – the 2020 Election… 50 seconds of a 21-minute speech!

During his entire 21 minute speech, AG Garland only spent 50 seconds on election fraud. He spent 5 seconds to say “if” fraud is found, they will vigorously prosecute. But the next 45 seconds he dismisses all current election fraud claims. He says:

They have been refuted by intel agencies, law enforcement, both administrations, and every Federal & State court that reviewed them.”

If this is truly what Garland believes then his staff has shielded him from facts, he is corrupt, or both. According to NMSU Law Professor David Clements, of the 55 GOP plaintiff-led cases only 11 were heard on the merits. And in 9 of these, the GOP plaintiffs prevailed.

In his Friday speech, Garland mentions he assigned his “Associate Attorney General” to enforce Presidential Executive Order 14019. Garland avoids her using her name, Vanita Gupta, third in command at DOJ. She has associations with “extreme leftist groups,” along with defunding the police comments. She’s part of Biden’s dark money network intent on bringing the radical left’s culture war to the DOJ. Her Senate confirmation cleared by only 1 vote (Murkowski). Nearly 100 conservative leaders participated in ads and letters to prevent her confirmation. The 14019 order mandates agency heads to increase voter registration and vote by mail. It tasks the EAC, GSA, OMB, DOJ, Dept. of State, Federal Prisons, US Post Office, and so on with ways to increase voting for Democrat factions.

Garland’s speech lays out his Federal efforts will. It’s a communist’s dream:

Find Civil Rights violations in the new voting laws passed by 14 States
Bring back DOJ’s power and preclearance oversight
Increase voter registration
Increase the number of voters
Obstruct or restrict the ability to clean up voter roles
Control and restrict the ability to audit elections
Use numerous Fed agencies to control election disinformation

In his speech Garland desperately wants the John Lewis Voting Rights Act passed by Congress. In this Act, certain states and local governments would need to pre-clear changes to their voting laws with the DOJ. The Act is written to avoid any Supreme Court concerns mentioned in 2103 (Shelby County v. Holder) when this practice was ruled unconstitutional. The court said discrimination in voting is no longer a problem like it was 40 years ago. Garland doesn’t see it that way. He disagrees with this decision and wants that power back for the DOJ.

In the JLVR Act, when a jurisdiction reaches a certain number of violations, sometimes as little as 3 in the past 25 years, they fall under DOJ supervision.  The Act expands beyond 14th and 15th amendment violations. It allows numerous other violations to count towards the threshold. One includes any discrimination of voting based on “language minority groups”. This strategy, and Garland’s doubling of the lawyers in the Voting Rights division, can rapidly increase the number of these violations against targeted States. It would quickly put that State under the thumb of the DOJ.

Throughout the speech, Garland spins the history and problem of whiteness with voting. He references the 1871 KKK Act several times and their prosecution of whites by the DOJ. He says whites now have shorter election lines, they gerrymander districts to include only whites, and so on. Below are the cases in the order Garland mentions them in his speech.

1980 – Brief filed in City of Rome (Georgia) v. the United States (Garlands first Fed job)
1975 – Extension of 1965 Voting Rights Act, including pre-clearance provision
1982 – Reauthorization of 1965 Voting Rights Act
1788 – Constitution ratified – States limited voting rights to white men
1870 – 15th Amendment
1919 – 19th Amendment
1964 – 24th Amendment (Poll taxes)
1971 – 26th Amendment  (18 years and older can vote)
1866 – John Bingham Reconstruction Amendment
1870 – DOJ created – Headed by Amos Ackerman, sought to protect black voting rights
1871 – Congress enacted the KKK Act. Prohibited interference with the right to vote.

Garland Points out DOJ prosecuted hundreds of whites, KKK members

1866 – Supreme Court undercut DOJ enforcement, said KKK Act exceed Congress powers
1950’s – DOJ renewed efforts to protect the right to vote
1950’s – Supreme Court reestablished judicial oversight of the political process
1957 – Congress enacts Civil Rights Act – Creates Civil Rights Division
1960 – United States vs Lind  – First case against County Registrar
1966 – South Carolina vs Katzenback (Supreme Court, preclearance was OK)
1960 – Gomillion vs Lightfoot (Invalidated gerrymandering)
1964 – Reynolds vs Sims (One person, one vote principal)
1965 – Voting Rights Act enacted 1965
1970 – Voting Rights Act Reauthorized by Nixon
1975 – Voting Rights Act Reauthorized by Ford
1982 – Voting Rights Act Reauthorized by Reagan
2006 – Voting Rights Act Reauthorized by Bush
1965-2006 – DOJ objected to over 1,000 voting law changes
Since 2006, Garland says voting laws have drastically weakened
2013 – Shelby County v. Holder – Garlands says State preclearance needed
1961 – AG Marshall, Voter Civil Rights (Kennedy required more lawyers to go after counties)

14 States have passed new laws regarding voting but Garlands says they make it harder to vote.

Some States are using abnormal post-election audit policies (AZ) according to Garland.

AG Garland wants his justice, not American justice.  He is attacking acts he doesn’t like.  Unfortunately, many of these acts, like the 2020 election audits, were corrupted to get people like him in office.  

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