The ‘We Build the Wall’ team built a half-mile section of the wall in a very important place to stop illegal border traffic. The group was working on other strategic sections to build the wall when the Southern District of New York (SDNY) decided to stop all individual border wall construction.

We reported back in 2019 on the success of the ‘We Build the Wall’ team:

“We Build the Wall” Completes First Wall Segment, Raises $700,000 This Week for Next Project — Now Focusing on Second Segment (Video)

The project was moving ahead and then the SDNY indicted four members of the team, including Steve Bannon and Brian Kolfage, on charges of taking donations and spending them on themselves.  Eventually, Bannon was pardoned by President Trump leaving the remaining individuals who were indicted to stand by themselves.  The DOJ apparently didn’t like the pardon President Trump gave to Bannon because they were soon looking for ways to keep him as part of the case:

Federal Prosecutors in New York Are Asking the Judge to Ignore President Trump’s Pardon of Steve Bannon in “We Build the Wall” Case

The Federal Government went after Kolfage last week:

EXCLUSIVE: Fed’s “We Build the Wall” Case Is Falling Apart So They Charge Brian Kolfage with Bogus Tax Charges – Kolfage Responds

Today we can report what the DOJ in the SDNY doesn’t want you to know.  The government was working with the ‘We Build the Wall’ team to build more segments of the border wall along the border.  In early January 2020 the team was working with the US government to look at a piece of land to survey for building a wall:


The We Build the Wall team then worked to get the wall built on a section of wall in New Mexico:


The team had continued their efforts to build the wall while working with the government into July 2020:

Then suddenly in August 2020 the We Build the Wall operation along the southern border was halted due to an indictment and capture of assets by the DOJ’s Southern District of New York.

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