Steve Bannon shared on The War Room his synopsis of the destruction of civilization that is taking place today across the Western world by the radicals in charge. 

Steve Bannon shared his thoughts on what is going on around us in the world today.

Steve Bannon:  The most important thing we’ve got to do is look reality in the face now and understand exactly what’s going on in the world because there are decisions being made by people in power that are not just simply destructive, they’re so destructive you’re not going to be able to turn this around.

This is what I keep saying.  You saw [Jerome] Powell yesterday.  Powell’s up there talking the big talk.  We played from a year and a half ago, Cortes and I on February 26, a year and a half ago, a year and a half to the day, talking about what the problem was.

And a year ago yesterday in Jacksonhole at the same set of microphones, that clown stood there and said no, inflation is transitory.  And today it was fire and brimstone, that he’s got to choke it all down now and invoking Paul Volker’s name and I call it the house of pain now.

It didn’t have to be like this but it’s going to get so much worse!

Here’s why.  You have this mass psychosis of all the Greta Thunbergs of the world and all the elites kowtow to them.

Watch the video below.  (Picture of Steve with his daughter.)

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