Today the Arizona Senate held a hearing on the current audit of the Maricopa County results in the 2020 Election.

The presentation today in Maricopa covered the process of the current election audit in the County but it also identified the following items.

This was a lot but Jovan Pultizer promises this was just a very small part of what will eventually be provided in regards to the audit.

In something this big, where there’s over 2 million ballots and you have 1,500 people working on them, think of that as a big spread, big feast that everything has to be dived into.  What you saw today of course will make you drop your jaw.  All I can say right now is don’t think today was it because you only got served the apertief which is the smallest of all the appertisers.  There’s more to come.

This is going to get good.

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