President Trump went scorched earth on the fake news-Lying Democrat hacks today in his latest press release.

President Trump pointed out that he was “right about everything” which we already knew.
But the fake news-Democrats needed him out of the way so they lied to the American public for years just to ruin President Trump.

Unfortunately, over half a million Americans were just collateral damage to these evil creatures.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: New Study CONFIRMS Trump Was Right – And Fauci, Democrats, Media, Tech Giants, etc. Lied About HCQ and AZM to Damage Trump and MURDERED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in Process

The most devastating lie was, of course, the lie that hydroxychloroquine did not work against the coronavirus.
This resulted in hundreds of thousands of American deaths.

Trump was also right about the China flu, the virology lab, the border and more.

Via The Storm Is Rising.

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