Warriors in Arizona are standing up against the corrupted 2022 election results in the state.  The current results are impossible and Americans know it. 

There is no way that the 2022 election results in Maricopa County should be certified.  Certification should be based on results that were obtained through well-controlled election processes colated within certified and working machines by non-biased election workers.

There simply are too many corrupted activities recorded to date in this election in Maricopa County to legitimately certify the current results for Arizona.

BREAKING: Maricopa County Response to AZ AG Materially Conflicts with Instructions on Election Day – But They Announce They Will Certify Rigged Election TOMORROW Anyway

These results are uncertifiable.

Starting on Friday a group of patriots made the decision to go to the Arizona Capitol to protest this 2022 stolen election.  The crowd was sparse because many were told to stay away from the capitol by GOP leaders who evidently were concerned about another Jan 6 set up by the corrupt tyranical government.

One individual who was there drove to Arizona from New Mexico, attorney David Clements.

Clements joined Joe Hoft on his radio show on Friday to discuss what was going on in Arizona and why he was there peacefully protesting.

Clements shared the following:

We’re sending the message right now that this is something we’re going to grow.  We’re not leaving until we get a new election…

We’ve lost our country because of our addiction to comfort.  Here we are battling Black Friday.  We’re battling impulses to go back to the old trance of comfort when we need them to stand firm…

…This is terraine that we have to win.  Arizona like most people know, there’s no doubt about the outcome being faulty.  There’s no doubt about the maladministration about the elections here.

Some places, like maybe Nebraska, you’ve been hoodwinked into believing you’ve got no problems with the elections or perhaps you’re in the place where you’ve got a popular incumbant so no one’s really questioning the election results.  But here we’re talking about race where we have Kari Lake…we know what the real result was and yet we were deprived of that result through all kinds of fraud.

So, this is ground zero.  And if we can’t win in Arizona, what expectation do we have that we’re going to win anywhere else? 

Listen to Attorney and former professor Clements starting at the 11:30 mark in the radio clip below.

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