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A date between two “conspiracy theorists” turns surprisingly cute.

In a chance encounter, activist Nazarin Veronica and content creator Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy, also known as “Sneako,” found themselves on a date, leading to a fascinating and unexpected conversation.

As they delved into various topics, their interaction took an adorable turn.

During their conversation, Nazarin shared her role in providing housing assistance to vulnerable individuals, including those homeless or facing overcrowding situations. Sneako, a businessman involved in multiple ventures, showed genuine interest and admiration for her work.

The conversation took a cute turn when they discussed their beliefs. Nazarin revealed her skepticism toward receiving vaccinations, and Sneako admitted to sharing similar views. They bonded over their shared stance, finding comfort and agreement in their mutual decision.

The duo further revealed their shared interest in the so-called “conspiracy theories” by far-left media and their skepticism toward influential figures. They discussed the World Economic Forum and individuals such as Bill Gates, exchanging views on their perceived agendas.

“I mean, they’re planning on running the world, aren’t they? And they probably will eventually, if we allow them to. They’re tyrannical. They’re trying to make us own nothing,” said Nazarin.

“I also went on talk TV recently where I exposed Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, and I called them psychopaths and murderers, and I said that Bill Gates killed thousands of children, which is true because he did. And then they had to cut me off, and they’ve reported me to every single social media and tried to get my account removed,” Nazarin added.

Sneako revealed that he was canceled as well on social media for “election misinformation.”

“It’s misinformation until it’s true. The FDA, did you see what happened now? They just banned the original Moderna and Pfizer, and they just made this new one. So even the unjab people they’re saying, don’t get it now,” Sneako said.

Their date ended on a positive note, with both expressing a desire to meet again. They found comfort in each other’s company and appreciated the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions without judgment.

Here’s the clip:

The moment @sneako fell in love with me… This is what happens when two conspiracy theorists go on a date!

#theredpillbatchelor #justpearlythings #familyplanning #tradwife #marriage #7kids #activist #conspiracytheory

— Nazarin Veronica (@nazarinveronica) June 4, 2023

Below is the 13-minute clip:

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