A 29-year-old Afghan “refugee” attacked a woman in a yard in Berlin suburb Wilmersdorf Saturday afternoon for gardening, police said, brutally stabbing the 58-year-old woman repeatedly in the neck.

When a 66-year-old passer-by tried to help the innocent woman, the “refugee” stabbed him critically as well.

The man had accosted the woman and apparently objected to seeing a woman working in public.

The Dhimmi (servant unbeliever) Berlin police were quick to explain the killer was “psychologically disturbed”, the usual excuse used by treasonous media to excuse Islamist terror and bloodshed.

Dhimmi German media obscured the fact it was an Afghan, merely calling the brutal assailant a “man”.

The number of knife attacks has jumped by 32% in Germany since Angela Merkel opened the borders to unvetted migrants.

The expected upsurge in Islamist terror sparked by the Afghanistan disaster and the feckless Biden administration’s abject cowardice was quick in coming – on Friday, the Muslim holy day, a Sri Lankan terrorist went on a stabbing spree in Auckland, New Zealand, injuring 6 despite being monitored 24/7 by a SWAT unit.

Speaking to Gateway Pundit, Islam expert Daniel Pipes said, “Sadly, violence is what wakes people up. In fact, the threat is much deeper, what I call DIMI: Demographics, Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Islamization. We need to recognize what is happening and to learn fully to appreciate Western civilization. That’s civilizationism.”

Read about the #NewZealand #jihadi, Ahamed Aathill Mohammad Samsudeen, and cry.

The ineptitude, denial, and plain idiocy of the politicians & police defies reason.

But NZ is typical of the West. Now, in which country will the next massacre take place? https://t.co/6muMrVzL7l

— Daniel Pipes دانيال بايبس (@DanielPipes) September 4, 2021


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