This is all you need to know about the Republican Party elites.

On January 6th President Trump called on supporters to converge on Washington DC and join him at a rally to persuade officials to stand for election integrity and delay the House vote on the 2020 election until the states had a chance to review the lingering questions on the stolen battleground states.

Over a million Trump supporters came to Washington DC to see President Trump and offer their support.

Before President Trump was finished with his talk on this cold and dreary day Mike Pence had already turned on Trump voters and validated the election results.

Violent protests broke out at the US Capitol before Trump was even finished. Most of the hundreds of thousands of supporters left for the day due to the cold and turncoat Mike Pence. Tens of thousands of others marched to the US Capitol where around 900 protesters broke into the US Capitol or were waved in by police. Four Trump supporters died, two women were killed by Capitol Police as we have reported on extensively.

Guess who wasn’t at the January 6th protest to support President Trump?
The Republican Party.

The RNC was holding a winter retreat at a posh resort on Amelia Island instead.

The GOP elites put out a statement saying they supported Donald Trump from their Ritz Carlton resort.
They didn’t mean it.

They abandoned Trump the second week of November.
Like most of the GOP politicians in Washington DC, they really don’t care about their voting base.

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