Biden’s border is overrun with illegal immigrants on a daily basis.  Millions have crossed into the US since Biden took over and we have no idea who they are or where they came from. 

The Biden regime continues to claim that the Southern border is fine.  Everything is under control.  But this is not true.  The Southern border is not safe.

Today at least 3,000 illegal immigrants stormed the Mexican border to get into Mexico on their way to the US.  It was madness.  See the video below.

Breaking chaos in the south border as Migrants rush the barricade of the National Guard to pressure the Mexican authorities.@AgueroForTexas @BenBergquam @RealAmVoice @SaraCarterDC @GriffJenkins @Michael_Yon @BensmanTodd @MayraFlores2022 @RealDrGina @CabelloAuden

— Oscar El Blue (@Oscarelblue) July 20, 2022

Western Journal reports:

In a chaotic scramble, Honduran migrants seeking to enter the U.S. illegally tried to cross into Mexico on Monday.

Mexican authorities used tear gas and troops in an effort to contain migrants who waded across the river separating Mexico and Guatemala in an effort to reach America’s southern border.

The day began with a caravan estimated to hold more than 4,000 migrants massed on a bridge spanning the river, to be met by Mexican officials who, as promised to President Donald Trump, would not allow them entry.


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