After nine seasons, the show ‘Last Man Standing’ with Tim Allen is finally coming to an end.

The show has been extremely popular with conservatives and other tradition loving Americans and Tim Allen clearly appreciates the show’s fans.

He shared a great video ahead of the last episode.

Breitbart News reports:

Watch: Tim Allen Sends Fans Emotional Message as ‘Last Man Standing’ Comes to an End

Actor Tim Allen’s top-rated sitcom, Last Man Standing, came to an end Thursday after nine seasons, 194 episodes, and two networks. And after the broadcast, Allen and the crew of the show sent his loyal fans a goodbye message thanking them for watching.

“I don’t want to wrap up this story,” Allen admitted in the tribute video posted to Twitter. And explaining why his show was a hit during every one of its nine seasons, Allen added, “We honor family, we honor relationships, it gets the best of all of us.”

Allen told Fox News that it was hard not to succumb to tears while filming the last half hour entry which aired Thursday, May 20.

“Our prop guy said, ‘Which of these did you want to take?’ and it was pictures of the family from the hallway that was going away. I walked in and looked at Nancy and [I’m] literally surprised I got through that scene,” Time Allen said. “She really looked at me [and said], ‘Are you OK?’ and I was not OK.”

Watch the video below:

Join me #tonight

— Tim Allen (@ofctimallen) May 20, 2021

He also tweeted this:

Difficult feelings as I sit with my real family ready to say goodnite to the Last Man Standing family we created and lived for all these years. Years that flew by. Heartfelt thanks to all you who watch our work . I will miss being Mike Baxter.

— Tim Allen (@ofctimallen) May 21, 2021

It was a great run!

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