It’s not just Nordstrom’s, jewelry stores, and Lululemon, organized youth mobs are looting all kinds of businesses in the San Francisco-Oakland area.

An organized mob of youths stormed a Wellspring pharmacy and looted all of the medications this past weekend.

And youths hit a clothing store called Prime in downtown Oakland this week.

The store has been looted TWICE this month.

A swarm of people clean out a clothing store in Oakland . Second time in a month. Story at 11 ⁦

— Cheryl Hurd (@hurd_hurd) November 24, 2021

A GoFundme was set up for the store.

Vandals hit a clothing store called Prime in downtown Oakland. 30 plus people swarm the store. They’ve been hit twice in a month.
A gofundme site haa been set up.

— Cheryl Hurd (@hurd_hurd) November 24, 2021

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