Arizona Republican candidate Kari Lake led the Arizona polls by ten points leading up to Election Day before the midterm election.

Then on Election Day, 59% of the voting centers in Maricopa County, which includes nearly half of the state’s voters, had voting machines and printes that quit working on Election Day.

The lines were blocks long and thousands of voters were not able to cast their vote.

On Election Day, Republicans had over 72% of voters and only 17% said they were voting Democrat.

After several days of counting, Democrat Katie Hobbs miraculously received over 50% of the votes following Election Day and was declared winner by the authorities and mainstream media.

Kari Lake has since filed a lawsuit alleging fraud and negligence. The election was not fair. Republicans were blocked from the polls.

The lawsuit also alleges over 270,000 ballots without chain of custody and 25,000 votes added AFTER election day.

TEN Key Points From Kari Lake’s DEVASTATING Lawsuit Detailing Massive Failures On Election Day In Maricopa County

Kari Lake spoke to the MAGA crowd at Mar-a-Lago this week.

The popular Republican told the pro-Trump crowd: “To watch these evil bastards…to watch them steal this in broad daylight, and if they think they are going to get away with it, they messed with the wrong bitch.”

Via The Storm Has Arrived and Patriot AU:

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