More on Ryan Macias – the character in Maricopa County invited by the Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs?

Three individuals were seen walking around the election floor and whispering to each other.   ABC15 reports that Hobbs now has three people working as monitors inside, “an election machine expert and two election auditing professionals.”

ABC15 reports that the observers are “Ryan Macias [who is] the former acting director of certification and testing for the U.S. election assistance commission. Macias certified Arizona’s voting machines. The two other observers are Jennifer Morell, an election consultant with Protect Democracy, and Liz Howard, an attorney with the Brennan Center for Justice. Until Thursday, Secretary of State Hobbs was denied access to monitor the audit; a judge later ordered her office be allowed. Senate President Karen Fann, who is orchestrating the recount, and Hobbs worked out an arrangement before a noon deadline.”

Macias apparently has the skill set to break into systems, this causes concerns, and based on this, he should be monitored heavily if he appears to be looking for areas where he could hack into the audit and damage or destroy it:

At a meeting of the EAC Commissioners on May 20, 2019, around the time Ryan Macias has resigned his position with the EAC, one of the Commissioners, Thomas Hicks, asked Dr. Hall, (Joseph Lorenzo Hall, a current member of the Verified Voting board of advisors), “what he meant by ‘trained security experts,’ and Dr. Hall explained that those are people who are hired to break into people’s systems to find vulnerabilities.”

There were suspicions that Ryan was paid to be there:

You @katiehobbs might be held accountable for having your paid election expert Ryan Macias impersonate a reporter and try to sneak past security to get on the ballot floor. More to come!

— Maricopa Arizona Audit (@ArizonaAudit) May 2, 2021

Macias denied any payment and claimed according to a reporter that he was not let in:

I talked to Ryan. He said he was there pro bono, it’s in the court filing.

He also said he didn’t sneak past security. He didnt have media creds so he was turned away. Sign in sheet will say “unaffiliated” next to his name.

— The AZ – abc15 – Data Guru (@Garrett_Archer) May 2, 2021

However, ‘pro bono’ refers to free or ‘no charge’ services provided by an attorney, usually for an issue in the public interest.  We see no evidence whatsoever that he is an attorney and anyway what does “pro bono” have to do with anything whatsoever in this scenario?!

But the most shocking thing we have found out about Macias is that he is a member of the National Task Force on Election Crises

This character is on the same team as former Comey FBI Attorney James Baker which apparently was created for events like the audit in Maricopa:

This list of operatives in this ‘task force’ includes individuals with shocking pasts (e.g. Michael Steele, the NeverTrumper and former RNC Chair).  There is much more to this organization than meets the eye.

Ryan Macias is likely not an attorney.  He is likely not working for free.  He is in Phoenix for a reason.  Until he provides more information on the reason he is there, he should not be allowed near the audit.  Look at the characters he hangs with, he is likely not there to ensure the audit’s security is sound, more likely he is there for the opposite.

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