Zach ‘Emily’ Bridges

United Kingdom – A transgender cyclist has been ruled ineligible to participate in a women’s championship race this weekend after female competitors reportedly threatened to boycott.

21-year-old Zach Bridges, a biological male who now calls himself “Emily,” decided back in 2020 that he wanted to crush women’s sports so he ‘transitioned’ to a female.

In 2018, before Bridges began taking hormone replacement therapy, he set a national junior men’s record over 25 miles.

Now he wants to destroy women’s sports.

Bridges was barred from the women’s British National Omnium Championship on Saturday after the governing body said he was still registered as a male.

“The UCI’s decision came amid a growing backlash from within the sport, with the Guardian understanding that a number of female riders were talking about boycotting the event in Derby because they felt that Bridges, who was on the Great Britain Academy programme as a male rider until being dropped in 2020, had an unfair advantage.” the Guardian reported.

According to GB News, Bridges feels “demonized” after he was barred from participating in the women’s race this weekend.

Bridges lashed out at the media and played victim.

“I’ve been relentlessly harassed and demonised by those who have a specific agenda to push,” Bridges said in a statement. “They attack anything that isn’t the norm and print whatever is most likely result in the highest engagement for their articles, and bring in advertising.”

Full statement from Zach “Emily” Bridges:

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