Welcome to hell.

More than 7,000 flights were canceled over Memorial Day weekend.

More than 1,500 flights were canceled Saturday morning in addition to the 2,300 flight cancellations on Friday.

Delta Airlines blamed bad weather and “air traffic control actions” for Friday and Saturday’s cancellations.

1,460 flights were canceled as of 7 PM ET Sunday, according to FlightAware.

1,592 flights were canceled as of 8:15 pm ET on Monday bringing the grand total to nearly 7,000 canceled flights for the holiday weekend.

Total delays for Monday according to FlightAware: 13,330

Travelers aired their grievances on social media after their flights were canceled at the last minute.

My flight has been postponed twice. I’m heading for cancelation, aren’t I?

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) May 28, 2022

Super unhappy with @Delta service. Delay and cancelation of flight handled so poorly.

— MollyK (@MollyKate32) May 29, 2022

Delta canceled the most flights and their stranded passengers were furious.

**Trigger warning**

My husband and I are flying international with Delta, they canceled our trip several times, are trip has been delayed, we are miserable and now stuck in ATL, never ever will I book with you again!! They are saying there is nothing they can do with helping with any type of fees!!

— highlyfavoredtrice (@lmonique_llc) May 27, 2022

I wish… but you’ve cancelled two flights on me today

— Alec Nathan (@alecanathan) May 27, 2022

Our today’s Delta flight have been canceled without any contacting us. When we went Delta’s desk at airport, they said our flight have been canceled and they couldn’t reschedule. Where is our family vacation? At least, please refund the fee.

— Kevin (@Kevin040428122) May 28, 2022

And now my #Delta flight to Boston this morning is delayed to 10m With no information other than “it won’t be canceled”. I was supposed to be in Boston at 6pm yesterday.

— Tara McManus (@taragm2008) May 28, 2022

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