Earlier tonight President Donald Trump announced he had been indicted by Joe Biden’s DOJ. This comes on the same day that the FBI released a document proving Joe Biden and his family took a $5 million bribe from Burisma Energy Company from Ukraine.


On the same day that a story broke about a whistleblower alleging Joe Biden took a 5 million dollar bribe from Burisma in Ukraine, Biden’s corrupt DOJ decides to indict Trump over BS charges.

Do you really think that’s a coincidence?

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) June 9, 2023

Trump attorney Alina Habba joined Newsmax tonight to discuss the unprecedented charges against President Trump.

Alina Habba: I can say that he’s no different than he was in the first Russia hoax. He’s no different than he was when DA Bragg used political weaponization of the DOJ to bring charges against him for something that Bill Clinton did times 1000. And this is a very sad, sad day for our country, in my opinion.

It’s as obvious as what the American people see. We had Hillary Clinton who bleached her computer, smashed a phone. We had Bill Clinton’s sock thrower fiasco. We have Obama having his documents with narrator at a facility by McDonald’s in a parking garage. I mean, you can’t make it up, Rob. And the reality of this sad state of affairs is this is political. It’s election interference. I would love to say that it’s legal, but it’s not. I’m his attorney, but I feel more like a politician these days because the reality of what we’ve been thrown into is a disgrace to the American Constitution, a disgrace to the American legal system, and a serious need for Housekeeping throughout the DOJ, the FBI and the White House.

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