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Trump-Endorsed Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake took on the liberal media outside of her campaign headquarters on Thursday night to respond to Joe Biden’s hateful rhetoric against the American people and discuss her America First agenda.

Patriots lined up behind Kari’s podium with Kari lake flags and signs to demonstrate their support and watch her destroy the fake news media.

Lake opened her press conference by slamming Joe Biden’s awful tactics and her Biden-backing opponent, radical leftist Katie Hobbs.

Lake: I don’t know if you all just came from your newsrooms and if you happened to see what I just happened to see, but I watched the most absurd, frankly obscene address I’ve ever seen a President give to the American people. What I saw was somebody who’s trying to divide this country. I’m not sure what’s wrong with Joe Biden. I know that he may have problems that we don’t know about.

But what I saw with him was somebody who carries in his heart a great deal of disdain for a whole lot of really good American people. More than half of this country voted for President Donald Trump, and this country loves the America First agenda. The America First agenda is about putting America first. The America First agenda is about finding solutions to the problems that we’ve had for many, many years. And we saw that with President Trump when he came into office as an outsider, even though he was facing a lot of grief from the swamp, as they call it. He worked hard diligently every day to try to put forth policies that helped us with some of the problems that we’ve been dealing with for a long time. And he had to do that while he was taking incoming from a lot of people who were trying to tear him down. Washington DC never wants an outsider because it ruins their political agenda when somebody comes in from the outside. And we’re seeing this all over right now. We’re seeing this all over this great country.

Real American people are stepping up, and they don’t like the political leadership they’ve been given. They don’t like what’s happening with Joe Biden in office. They don’t like the economy he’s delivered. He has made it impossible to thrive in this economy. And so what’s happening is we’re seeing American citizens, moms, and dads, citizens stepping forward and running for office, and Joe Biden is threatened by that. And people like Katie Hobbs, people who are career politicians, are threatened by real individuals who are stepping forward, getting off the sidelines, getting in the game, and they’re saying, You know what? I’m going to run, and I’m going to help my fellow countrymen.” And that’s what we’re seeing with the America First movement. I am a proud member of the America First movement. I see our problems as problems that can be solved when we put our people first, and the Republican Party is now the party of We the People. One of the things that Biden said that was really upsetting was this push about violence. The America First movement is not about violence. It’s about bringing this country together and putting our country first. He’s projecting that; he’s projecting that because he’s worried. What he sees out there when he sees moms and dads, regular people stepping up and running for office, he sees that as an existential threat to his political career. And frankly, Joe Biden has been in office about 50 years too long. It’s time for Joe Biden to retire, but don’t worry, because in 2022 in November, just a couple of months from now, We the People will be retiring a lot of these corrupt career politicians. We the People will vote, and we will retire them with our vote. And then, in 2024, We the People will step forward once again and retire Joe Biden from political office.

Joe Biden is the head of a corrupt family. We’ve seen that with the Hunter Biden laptop. He is now using our government as if it’s his own government. He’s turning that government on people, and he’s trying to take out his political opponents. It is despicable what he’s doing. He does not own the government. Joe, we own the government. We the People own the government, and we are your boss, and we’ve had enough. We want to start seeing you work hard to bring us an economy that we can thrive in and live in. We want to be able to afford school clothing for our children. We want to be able to afford gas in our cars. We want to be able to put food on the table. And you’ve taken a great economy, and you’ve turned it and twisted it and thrown us into the ditch, and we’re tired of it. We want a secure border, and that’s why we have such a movement here in Arizona.

This is why moms and dads are stepping forward and getting involved in politics, many for the first time in their lives, because we want solutions to our problems, and we have them. The America First solutions are putting Americans first, and we’re going to do that here in Arizona. I’m running against a career politician. I’m running against a politician who wants to divide this state. I’m running against a politician named Katie Hobbs, who was a twice-convicted racist, who We the People are paying her settlement for because she did not want to pay women and people of color what they were worth in the workforce. And because of her discriminatory practices, We the People are now paying for that. And I don’t believe for one second that Arizonans will vote for a racist like Katie Hobbs and put her in the Governor’s Office. But we will continue to step forward, and we’re going to fight for policies that work. We’re going to make sure that we secure our border and we stop these cartels from bringing fentanyl in and poisoning our young people. And we know we can’t get help from Joe Biden on these. My opponent, Hobbs, wants to just throw everything back to the federal government. We want to take back control here at the state level, and we plan to do that. So from our border to the drugs that are pouring in, it’s really obscene what President Joe Biden has done to this country, and he’s worried because his ratings and his polls are in the tank. Nobody likes him. Not even the Democrats like him anymore. And so what I saw tonight was a panic on Joe Biden’s part. I think it’s well past his bedtime, and he probably needs to get to bed.

I want to say one more thing about Make America First. Make America First is not about one man. Make America Great Again is not about one man. This movement is about one nation. This movement is about one people. And we’re going to start putting this country and the people of this country first. And that’s what Joe Biden doesn’t understand because he’s never been doing that; he’s never done that in his career. And that’s why he will be voted out of office in 2024.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Joe Biden declared war on President Donald Trump and the American people on Thursday night.

This came after a speech where Joe Biden threatened “right-wing Americans,” but really gun-owning Americans, with F-15 fighter jets. This is the language of a genocidal maniac.

Excerpts of Joe Biden’s Speech Released – A Complete Assault on MAGA and American Patriotism

As Jim Hoft reported, Thursday’s speech was the speech of a dictator. Joe Biden called a majority of the American people “a clear and present danger to our democracy.”

Some on Twitter even compared Biden to Adolf Hitler after the extremely divisive speech against MAGA Republicans.

Who did this??

— il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) September 2, 2022

Lake told us, “This man is petrified, panicked, feeble, and pathetic. He knows he didn’t win. He knows America knows he didn’t win, and he’s trying to incite violence.”

Kari Lake responded to questions from local Arizona reporters last night after reacting to the speech, and she obliterated them.

Despite the subject of the presser being Joe Biden, the worst president in American history, and the Democrats, the liberal rag media still only wants to talk about President Trump and smear Republicans.

The first reporter to speak from ABC news asked, “Do you agree with President Trump when he said that January 6 defendants should be given pardons and an apology from the federal government?”

Seriously? Did she not just watch the most aggressive and psychotic speech in the world?

Lake responded to her ridiculous question anyway, saying,

Lake: You know, I think what happened on January 6, we’re still trying to sort through all of that. And we have 14,000 hours of crystal clear footage that Nancy Pelosi, for some reason, is holding and won’t release. If we were to have that footage right now, we could figure out exactly what happened, and we can find out truly these people are innocent. I believe many of them may be innocent, and I believe there might be some guilty people out there who have not been charged yet. So I would really like the government to hand over that footage that We the People own. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t own that. That’s not her private home video. That’s our video. We want to see it. We want to get to the bottom of it, and once and for all, put that story to rest, let the people who are innocent go free if they are innocent, and make sure we lock up those who were the real instigators.

The only real questions came from The Gateway Pundit.

Conradson: First of all, I want to commend you for coming out in front of hostile pro-Biden, pro-Katie Hobbs media. You know, this is something that Katie Hobbs would never do is come speak to media that doesn’t agree with her.

Lake: Where is Katie Hobbs, by the way? Has anybody tried to track her down?

Conradson: She won’t speak to media that won’t carry water for her. What does that tell you about her campaign?

Lake: She’s afraid. She doesn’t have good policy. Her policy on the border — I’ve been down to the borders too many times to count. Her policy on the border is basically to hand it over to Joe Biden. That’s what got us in trouble on the border. We had great border policy under President Donald J. Trump. On day one, Joe Biden pulled that back and exposed us to a criminal element. We’ve had nearly 5 million people pour across the border. Those people will end up taking jobs from middle-class and working-class Americans. Joe Biden and Katie Hobbs want to destroy the working class people in America, and they want to destroy the middle class. And we’re not going to let it happen. They’re okay with the cartels running the show at the border. It’s despicable. These cartels the pumping in record amounts of drugs, and nobody asks her tough questions about that. I talk to people every day on the campaign trail many, many moms and dads who’ve lost loved ones. They’ve lost sons and daughters to fentanyl poisoning. And we’re just going to stop that; we’re taking it into our own hands and we’re going to stop that on the border. It’s disappointing that the media is obviously, it almost seems sometimes like we’re working for Katie Hobbs, and the way they handle me versus the way they handle her, but I’m okay with it. I’m tough. And we need a strong fighter. She’s unwilling to debate; that should tell you everything about how she feels about her policies. She’s afraid to step on that debate stage because when people see us side by side, and they see that I have solutions to the real problems we have, including problems like our homeless crisis on the streets. We’re going to restore quality of life for the hardworking, taxpaying citizens of Arizona and help people who are homeless. We’re going to make sure our children are getting a proper education, including getting vocational and career training right in high school, so they could get out and get a decent job. We’re doing things that never been done before; we’re going to reform our government. And she doesn’t have a plan. Not to mention, she’s racist, she’s a convicted racist, and she’s practiced discriminatory hiring practices, and we will not allow someone like that in the Governor’s Office.

Conradson: Joe Biden threatened patriotic Americans with F-15s saying, you’re gonna need a whole lot more to take on the government. What do you think that does to the American people?

Lake: He’s trying to rile people up, and he’s trying to push buttons and trying to cause trouble. And we’re not going to fall for that. We are going to make sure that we go out and vote. We’re going to vote vote vote. And we are going to make sure that we vote out these career politicians who are corrupt. That’s how we’re going to solve our problems. And then we’re going to get people in office who actually want to do good by the people, do right by the people, solve our problems, and that’s how we’re going to deal with it. When I’m governor of Arizona, I’m not going to worry about everything Joe Biden says. I’m going to just get to work, get busy solving our problems here in Arizona.

Conradson: Everyone here, they’re basically pointing the finger at conservatives, calling us violent political extremists. What do you think of the recent Roe v. Wade decision where leftists stormed our Arizona Capitol with lawmakers inside and all across the country, the riots, the showing up at justices homes. What do you think of that?

Lake: I mean, the Summer of Love, that wasn’t America First folks. America First folks were sitting at home watching that violence as our streets were being destroyed, our businesses were being destroyed, our communities we’re burning down. The media was calling it peaceful protesting, and we were sitting at home horrified by what we were seeing. And they didn’t call any of that out. Instead, they attacked the police, said the police were bad, and we should defund the police. These people are onto it, these people are onto the fact that our local paper is a rag for the Democrat Party, that our local paper is hellbent on running attack pieces on an American citizen and Arizonan who wants to stand up and do right. And they’re tired of it. That’s why they’re not, they don’t even line the birdcage with it anymore. It’s that bad. And they’re on to it and I think you guys really should wake up to what these people are interested in, to what these people want, which is a safe community, a community where the kids can thrive, a community where the economy is doing well and they could afford gas. And if you guys wake up to the fact that you are preaching to just yourselves and maybe a couple of political folks that are on the left, your viewership will go up, your readership will go up and actually your hearts might grow a little bit, and you might feel like better people. So, I hope that you‘ll wake up because the people are getting tired of what the propaganda are feeding them.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Katie Hobbs’ history of racism against a black employee, who later sued the State of Arizona for $2.75 million, and her refusal to debate Kari in front of Arizona’s voters.

Hobbs is also on the record, blaming Republicans for the crisis at the Southern Border and saying she will let allow the federal government to continue failing at the Border.

None of the liberal media’s questions were about Joe Biden’s failed agenda, his speech, or Kari’s plan for Arizona. All they can talk about is President Trump and Joe Biden’s “most secure election in American history.”

At one point, Kari rejected and triggered Fake News Stacey “Karen” Barchenger from the far-left Arizona Republic for asking an irrelevant question about the stolen 2020 election. Barchenger is the same “journalist” that Kari Lake previously destroyed in an interview that was so embarrassing for the Arizona Republic that they didn’t even air it!

WATCH: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake DESTROYS Liberal Reporter – It Was So Devastating that the Most Biased Paper In Arizona History Didn’t Even Run the Story!

Lake later told The Gateway Pundit,

Lake: I’m not giving responses and dealing with the repugnant. They are pure Propagandists for the Marxist Democrats. They run three hit pieces on me a week.

They refused to run my opinion piece talking about my excellent border policy unless I took the word “invasion” out of it. They are working for the cartels and against the American people, and I will not participate in their propaganda and help them get clicks and stay alive. I’d rather they flounder and fail on their own. 

They have a reporter who’s been here all of 10 months covering Arizona acting like she knows what the hell is going on here. She’s clueless.

Watch Kari Lake’s full presser below!

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