Way back in May 2020, President Donald Trump called out Twitter “arbiter” Yoel Roth who appeared that morning on the front of the New York Post that day.

The headline at the Post read, “Ministry of Tweet” and included a photo of far left radical Yoel Roth.

The May 2020 article highlighted Yoel Roth’s public attacks on Trump and his supporters. Roth labeled Trump a “racist tangerine” and accused his supporters of being racist. Yoel Roth also labeled the Trump administration “Nazis in the White House.”

In the last two weeks, the public has learned Yoel Roth, along with the Deep State FBI, State Department, and Democrat Party were working together to censor and silence President Trump and conservatives. The Gateway Pundit was a victim of their censorship after we were the ONLY news organization to publish video of Democrats dropping off 80 boxes of ballots into the Detroit ballot counting center late on Election night from mysterious origins.

Back in May 2020 President Trump spoke to reporters about Yo-el Roth, the Twitter arbiter of “truth.”

Of course, the rude reporters interrupted him while he was talking… Trump pointed to the reporters back then and pointed out the censorship of Twitter against him.

They mocked him even then for making such claims.

Once again, President Doanld Trump was right.

May 28, 2020. Trump calls out Yoel Roth.

Trump was right about Roth and he was right about what would happen with mail in voting. pic.twitter.com/p6xeKWtffY

— Maze (@mazemoore) December 10, 2022

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