The mainstream media’s credibility is tanking.

A new Gallup poll found that trust in the mainstream media fell in 2022.

Only Congress has a lower approval – even a majority of Democrats don’t trust the media.


Republicans: 5% 

Independents: 12% 

Democrats: 35%

Total trust in Newspapers: 16% – down 5% from 2021. 

Television news:

Republicans: 8% 

Independents: 8% 

Democrats: 20%

Total trust in Television news: 11% – down 5% from 2021. 

Axios reported:

Why it matters: The erosion of trust in media is one of the most significant signs of deepening polarization in America.

– Political party affiliation has become the primary driver of opinions about the media’s trustworthiness, as Gallup has noted.

– A 2021 poll from Pew Research Center found that Republicans are far less likely to trust media sources that are considered “mainstream.”

Details: Television news is today considered the second-least trusted institution in the country, following Congress, according to the poll.

Trust in media has been declining for years.

Via Axios:

The mainstream media’s lies have come back to bite them.

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