How are these people not in jail?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson Friday night exposed, a far-left organization that has infiltrated schools and is disseminating “deeply disturbing” pornographic content to schoolchildren.

The video below, which is geared toward prepubescent children and teens, is so graphic that Twitter put a ‘warning’ on the tweet.

VIDEO (click on tweet to watch video):

This is a video from AMAZE (@amazeorg) for children about pornography.

I’ll let you decide for yourself whether this is appropriate.

— Colin Wright (@SwipeWright) April 8, 2022

Journalist Colin Wright has done a deep dive into and revealed how the organization is indoctrinating children.

I’ve written about AMAZE before and how they indoctrinate children into gender ideology and confuse them about their bodies.

— Colin Wright (@SwipeWright) April 8, 2022

Tucker Carlson with more on

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